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Ideas for earning extra money do not come out first, but a quick Google search can reveal very simple and creative outputs! Along with the package – alas – you’ll also see some scams, sites of miracle solutions, chains, pyramid schemes … anyway. But do not be discouraged! To make life easier for you, the Low Interest team as well as creating business ideas to inspire you, separated the wheat from the chaff and made this post. Enjoy!

 Detach! Sell ​​what you do not use.

 Detach! Sell ​​what you do not use.

 The “nail” has a very bacaninha look and can sell high things

Have you thought about selling something you do not use? There’s a market for everything! Sites like Mercado Livre, OLX, Skina and Enjoei are examples of places where you can do this, either by the computer or even by the cell phone. That traquitana or clothes that you do not use can have enough value for someone!

Rent your things

Rent your things


And how about seizing the wave of collaborative economics? If you do not want to get rid of an object, maybe you can lend it and be compensated for it. On sites like Allugator, Alooga, Rent for All, or Spinlister you can put your skateboard, bike or guitar for rent. If you have a car, visit Pegcar. If you have a parking space, take a look at Ezpark.

Have you ever caressed a pug’s belly?

Have you ever caressed a pug


If you love animals – and have time to care for them – sites like PetHub and DogHero can reward you for caring for dogs while pet owners travel. The task sounds easy, but it’s a very commitment! After all, you’ll take care of someone’s quasi-son.

4: Host a gringo

4: Host a gringo


Already in Airbnb, you can rent a small room in your house and gain a change hosting travelers (many gringos use!). It is also possible to rent the whole apartment (for example, if you are traveling or spending time in someone’s house). The site is very easy to use and you can block the dates that you do not want to make available for rent.

Consider making an investment to make the room / apartment very cool and comfortable. Your reputation as a host counts a lot on the site!

Be Freelancer

Be Freelancer


Do you have any aptitude you can turn into service? Can you fix an outlet? Plumbing? Program in Excel? PHP, Html? Manja webdesing? Photographer? Install the printer for Grandma?

This is a very interesting way of making your income more flexible. It’s like a second job: only you work when you want, and you get paid for service. Sites like GetNinjas, Prolancer,, 99freelas and Upwork can help you in the mission to spread this your extra service.

Have you thought about undertaking?



If you are interested in being a freelancer, you may want to take it one step further. How about opening your own business and supplementing your income? You do not have to quit your current job to sell some sweet candy, for example.

And if you see that the experience is working out, it may be worth legalizing your business. Although Brazil is an insanely bureaucratic country, regularizing its own enterprise is easier than it seems. Through the Portal of the Entrepreneur you can register as Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), earn a CNPJ and provisional license: all this in time . Yes! Just in time! It’s free. Only what you will have to pay every month are the taxes, which revolve around $ 50.

Maybe a loan serves to start your own business and realize your idea to make extra money! If this is the case, make good planning: make an estimate of what you should earn and what you should spend each month, and see if it pays off. Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) can help you with this orientation.

And do not forget that for most businesses, being well placed on the internet is essential . Consultancies like Markeninja can guide you on how to appear the best on Google!

Consider slightly more extreme measures



It is in moments of crisis that the mind opens itself to new possibilities. Does your job meet your expectations? Is not it time to change careers? Sites such as NaPrática, for example, offer free vocational tests.

Maybe moving to a smaller, cheaper place is also an option to consider. Do the costs of change outweigh? How is the distance to work?


To close

To close


The above options can give a good relief in the crisis or even make you discover new directions in your life. The technological evolution of our times is impressive, and the range of opportunities for you to enjoy your talents (and find people interested in paying for them) just grows!

If you still need to get a loan, renegotiate your debts, or if you want to have credit for your business idea come true, be sure to compare it among banks. By the way, here on our site you can use a loan simulator! Just see how cool:


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