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With the rumors occasioned by the payment of the inactive FGTS accounts released by the Federal Government, the search for the balance of the balance by the workers has been greater.

The FGTS or Benefit Guarantee Fund is a benefit you’ve probably heard. A new story about the release of withdrawals from the FGTS, or from dormant accounts, has come out in the media, but the question is always the same, about the balance to be withdrawn or the balance available in the worker’s fund.

So today we show how you can check the balance of your FGTS in the application ( App FGTS ) by mobile




The FGTS is a benefit that was created with the purpose of protecting the worker who is likely to be dismissed without just cause from the company where he works. It is a type of fund made up of monthly deposits made by the employer in the amount corresponding to 8% of the salary received by the employee.

Once you sign the employment contract, an account is opened in the Federal Savings Bank where this fund will be made, in some occasions the worker will be able to dispose of all the amount deposited in his name. The FGTS, in this case, can be used to purchase your own home, car or any other dream that is on paper due to lack of resources.

You are entitled to the FGTS

The FGTS is entitled to any worker who has signed a work contract after 1988, where until then the collection and deposit of the fund was optional by the employer. Today is a legal and contractual obligation to the registered employee.

FGTS is also entitled to rural workers, temporary workers, intermittent workers, seasonal workers, single workers (the single official is one who provides his services to a particular company without employment relationship, but with a relationship mediated by the union of the category), soccer players among other activities.

To give you an idea, by 2015, domestic work had the voluntary collection of this benefit, but with the changes in the work of domestic servants the FGTS deposit became mandatory.

FGTS by cell phone

FGTS by cell phone


You can check the balance of your FGTS accounts through your cell phone, without having to go to a Caixa Econômica Federal

With the release of the FGTS inactive accounts much increased demand for ways to check the available balance in the fund.

We live immersed in our smartphones and the possibility of being able to consult the balance without having to go to an agency or even without the need of a computer is extremely attractive.

It is for these and other reasons that the Caixa Econômica Federal app has become one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play and iTunes Store platforms.

So that you do not run the risk of downloading the wrong app, since there are numerous applications with the name “FGTS” or “See your FGTS” on both platforms, both Android and IOS, the Caixa application, made to facilitate the life of the worker is named after the institution “Caixa Econômica Federal”.

In addition to the application of your balance, it is possible to make some small calls without having to go to a Caixa branch. For example updating cadastral data such as telephone and address are one of the features of the app that help the worker.

Now that you’ve downloaded the application , let’s teach you how to check your balance.

Checking my balance

To make the consultation it is necessary that the worker already has an internet password. It is a password registered in the worker’s first access to the Caixa website. If this is your first access and you do not have the internet password registered, click on “First Access”.

Accept the terms of use and follow the on-screen guidelines to register your internet password.

To make this registration you must enter your identification number (NIS / Pis / Pasep). This is the identification number of each worker and is used for the deposit of the fund.

After informing your NIS it is time to inform you of your personal information, your name, mother’s name (as placed on the work card), CPF, date of birth and the General Registry (RG) that must be informed without the last digit.

Now you must register your password that must be between six and eight characters being a mixture of letters and numbers. Confirm the password you created and now you can access it.

At the first login with the password you will be asked to update your address. This update is done through the menu in the left side corner. You will need to enter the zip code and the system will locate your street. Once this is done confirm and now with all the settings made. Restart the app.

Now you can view the balance of your FGTS. Just log in with your NIS number and password.

For details of each of the accounts you have just found, click on it and the system will show you a detail of the account that can be saved in PDF file.

I forgot my password, I will not have access anymore?

If you forgot your password step by step is basically the same as the first access. You must confirm your registration information exactly as linked on first access.

Only then will the password reset option be enabled. Password reset works the same as creation. It should contain six to eight digits and be an alphanumeric combination.


Possibilities of using the FGTS

Possibilities of using the FGTS


Every worker with a formal contract, including in the period of experience, is entitled to the deposit of his Guarantee Fund, made by the employer. With values ​​representing a small percentage of each salary, the amount will allow income when the employment contract is terminated.

But not only after rescission of a contract can the employee use his FGTS. After three years of formal work, he can use the amount:

  • To pay for some expense related to a natural disaster, when, because of this, the Government decrees a state of emergency or public calamity;
  • When the worker dies – in this case, the amount is withdrawn by its beneficiaries;
  • When the worker or his / her dependent is carrying the HIV virus, has malignant or terminal cancer;
  • When the employee’s Fund account remains unoccupied for at least three uninterrupted years;
  • For payment of installments or other fees in financing or housing consortia;
  • In retirement;
  • When the account holder is at least 70 years old.


Edward Quintana