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Harri Bank has recently been operating in Poland but has won a wide range of clients due to its modernity and professional services. Interestingly, he entered the financial market with relatively cheap products, including a consolidation loan. As the only bank, it offers such a high amount of this liability and a longer repayment period than other institutions from the banking sector. The consolidation loan in Harri Bank is also characterized by the lowest APRC ratio as well as low-interest rate.

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The consolidation of cash loans will enable the bank’s customers to pay one installment much lower than the sum of previously refunded rates. The loan amounts to a maximum of PLN 550,000, and the repayment period is 12 years (144 months). The offer is addressed not only to regular bank customers but also to those who do not have an open account in it. They will not have to do this, even when applying for a financial commitment. Anyone interested in the Harri Bank proposal may also voluntarily ensure their consolidation loan.

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The main advantages of consolidation loan
  • high commitment amount, significantly exceeding the maximum amount offered by other commercial banks in Poland
  • low APRC of 7.94%
  • a fast credit decision, all formalities can be settled in one day
  • no hidden additional costs
  • the opportunity to apply for an online consolidation loan

The loan may be used for any purpose, either for the combination of debt resulting from existing cash loans, installments, car loans or debits on the card or on a savings and settlement account. The initial credit decision is announced even after 2 minutes from completing the application.

Edward Quintana